WebAds, LLC.
Niche and Community Targeted Advertising

[Advertiser's FAQ]

What does it cost to advertise?
We have a number of packages that are custom tailored to your needs. You can select from a mass marketing campaign, to directed niche campaigns. A Community Sales Expert can contact you and give you all the necessary information and options.

Who is in your network?
Our network is a leading network of blogs and highly focused websites. We have a range of communities and niches from teens and college students, to ethnic, high tech, and political sites. Members of our communities have websites in English, Hebrew, Arabic and are located all over the world.

We don’t just target big websites. Our proven method of selective advertising on small sites within your niche or community can be far more effective than hitting one big site that is bloated with ads.

How do I know how my ads are doing?
You can log in to our server and get statistics of how your ads are being viewed.

We also track the statistics and performance of your ads for Optimization purposes.

Can I change my ads?
How often you can change your ads is part of the terms the salesman will discuss with you.

Do you charge per click?
No. We charge per impression based on the package you purchase.

What about impression fraud?
If we suspect that unacceptable impression boosting methods (such as robots, spam, spawning, reloaders, multiple refresh clicks, etc.) are being used we will discount those impressions.

What types of websites and advertisers don’t you allow?
We don’t allow advertisers or websites that contain: porn, missionary propaganda, offensive material, or engage in illegal activities.

What if my ad is inappropriate to a website?
We try to direct ads to where they best target the right audience; sometimes your ad may not be right for a website – we’ll try to tell you when that happens.

What type of ads do you display?
We currently run graphic (jpg gif and flash) banner (46x60) and sidebar (160x400) ads. We prefer Flash ads.

We also run Pay-per-Posts where a blogger or website owner will do a commentary about your company and/or product.

You need to supply us with 2 different size ads (banner and sidebar) as the website owners choose which size they display.

Isn't it risky to work with bloggers, you can't control what they say?
Very true. If you don't think your product can stand up to their scrutiny, it is probably best you advertise somewhere else. But if you think it can, and are willing to stand behind what you are selling, the blogs are are a great place to be.

Who designs the ad?
We’d prefer if you supply us with the ads already made. Alternatively you can talk with one of our graphic design partners (for a fee).

How do I get started?
Go to the Contact page.