WebAds, LLC.
Niche and Community Targeted Advertising

[Advertiser's FAQ]

Does it cost me anything to join?
No. You don’t need to pay us a penny  to join.

How big a website do I need to be to join?
You don’t need to be a big website, just an active one connected to one of our active communities

How much will I make?
There are a lot of factors involved in calculating the payouts such as the number of impressions you get, your website’s  niche, and even the number of advertisers and number of website owners in our network. The calculations are based on the number of non-house ads (non WebAds) that are displayed.

When do you pay?
We pay once a month after you’ve accumulated at least $50 worth of payments. (Unpaid amounts are carried over to the next month). We normally pay via PayPal. In certain cases we can pay by check. Please check with us.

Can I see how much I’m making?
We are still working on that system. In the meantime you can get statistics and the list of advertisers when you log in. Once a month we will send a report of your status. You can always send us an email and simply ask.

Do I make more if I place more ads?
Sorry, but unless we make an exception you can only put one ad on your site.

Do I get paid per click?
We calculate per impression, and per click depending on the ad and advertiser. But if we suspect that unacceptable impression boosting methods (such as robots, spam, spawning, reloaders, multiple refresh clicks, etc.) are being used we will discount those impressions and probably ban you from the network.

Can I set up a website just to post your ads?
No. You must have a content-based website (preferably a blog) where the ads are a secondary feature. We do not accept splogs, portals, or similar websites into our network.

What other types of websites don’t you allow?
We don’t allow advertisers or websites that contain: porn, missionary propaganda, offensive, or engage in illegal activities.

What if an ad is inappropriate to my website?
We try to direct ads to where they best target the right audience; sometimes the ad may not be right for your website - please tell us if that happens.

What type of ads do you have?
We currently run graphic (jpg gif and flash) banner (468x60) and sidebar (160x400) ads. We generally prefer to run Flash ads. We also offer select sites the option of writing "Pay-per-Posts".

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